Look for Signs

Part of being a seasoned traveller is learning to be observant and open to one’s surroundings. It’s not easy. All too often the sights, sounds and smells can become ovewhelming and processing one’s surroundings can be a difficult task. I’ve found that a small little practice that helps keep me in tune with my surroundings is keeping an eye out for amusing signage and grafiti. Part of the fascination comes from the power that language has on visual comprehension. The way a sign communicates a message through illustration can take on a whole other meaning and tone when cultural and linguistic context is absent. For example:

RoboCop Stop!

If you ever find yourself in Ljubljana and Robo Cop warns you to STOP!? You listen to Robo Cop.

Hold your pee?

In Plitvice National Park in the heart of Croatia, this area is reserved for people who are holding their pee while daydreaming about dumpsters.

Here it is totally acceptable to play in the street with out pants in oncoming traffic.

In the Julian Alps, it is totally acceptable to play in the street with out pants, in front of small children, in oncoming traffic.

Vrsic Sign NO!

Put your pants on, you’re in a pants zone!

Often, the best one’s are a translation error or bizarre association of words?

Take Asia Away!

Please! Munich Airport would like you to just take Asia away? Also, I love the woman unabashadly wearing the Brunhelda helmet.


I’m not sure a “SLO Watch” is a great brand name for watches. However, Slovenes do have their own time zone…

Sexy Ice Cream

Our focus group found this flavor of ice cream to be very popular among the male population in Mostar, Bosnia.

At other times, you’re just flat out bewildered…

Babysit Dating Versailles

Nothing sounds more intimate and romantic than taking someone else’s kids out together! I would have expected more from the French Aristocracy…


Pro Dance Gangster Show

I’ll always regret missing out on Compton Dance.

Owls are not racists, but white pride!

So, let me make sure I’m getting this right: The owls in Ljubljana may seem racists but they aren’t, but they are into white pride?

Baby whisky

Wait, Rouen. You have it out of order. First comes whiskey, THEN comes foetus and then baby. #HealthScienceGraduate


Redskins New York?

Although they are relatively unknown in their home country, the New York Redskins have quite the following in Strasbourg! Still not sure what sport they play…

Sometimes it’s seemingly offensive or trite?

Child Care on Tuesdays

It’s nice to know that Cal State East Bay provides adequate childcare for students on campus. Except on Mondays.

Housewives Market

I’ve been fortunate to have the priveledge of shopping here for nearly three years now!

Fou de Fa Fa Arles

Perhaps the inspiration for the Flight of the Concords melody. Or perhaps it’s a thing and I’m that ignorant. At any rate, enjoy a delicious meal here if your’e ever in Arles, France.

In the heart of Strasbourg. Also home to the European Union!

In the heart of Strasbourg. Also home to the European Union!

McDonald's Stars of America!

Sorry Kardashians and Honey Boo Boo. The rest of the world knows where it’s at.

And sometimes you’ll get unsolicited advice.

Keep on Skanking!

Keep on skanking, guys! You can do this!

Salsa Fits my life

So true. But then sometimes, after too much, Salsa doesn’t fit my pants.

Capitalism you are driving me crazy!


Some require not caption at all.

San Francisco, CA.

San Francisco, CA.

Bled, Slovenia

Bled, Slovenia


Maribor, Slovenia

Starwilly's Cafe Trieste

Ahhh! You got me, Trieste!

Some know your soul.

Time to Eat

When isn’t it time to eat? – Seattle, WA.

Unlimited Milk? This party is gonna be off the hook!

Unlimited Milk? This party is gonna be off the hook- Ljubljana, Slovenia

As far as Cults go, this one seems fairly harmless. - Bayeux, France in Normandy

As far as cults go, this one seems fairly harmless. – Bayeux, France in Normandy

I’m rusty on my Greek and Aramaic. And Hungarian. And by rusty, I mean, I know nothing. But, I hope to add to this quirky collection in the coming weeks. In the mean time, please share yours with me!

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