Once More With Feeling

Sadly, I don’t have a solid track recrod when it comes to blogging. None the less, why don’t we give this old blog thing a try again?

It’s July and so far 2013 has been an eventful year. Firstly, I now have two degrees and am heading towards a third. Last month I completed my second baccalaureate program in Health Sciences at California State East Bay (really it’s still Cal State Hayward to me). By the end of September I will have submitted my application to San Jose State University¬† for their MS program in Nutrition and Food Science. Onwards and upwards!

We’ve also acquirred a new family member. It’s silly to phrase it that way since she’s been a member of the family for nearly as long as I have. Jeff and Laura tied the knot last weekend in La Jolla and hosted a stellar party. The bride and groom were lovely, the food delectable, the company fabulous and now I am certain there is some excellent blackmail footage of me trying to dance.

Chris and I decided to embrace our invetiable elderly ways and have taken up gardening. We’re still in the rough patch of planning but the dead tree is long gone and we have since planted a small herb garden, tomatoes, an etrog tree and a lemon tree. This weekend we will retrain the morning glory to a trellis and plant our lime trees. In the mornings, we sit outside and watch the birds engage in aerial combat over the birdseed and hummingbird feeders that Chris has carefully hung to our pear trea. I named a scrub jay, Asshole, because he is one to the other birds. He also eats the catfood that we leave out for the stray cat that’s been a midnight visitor to our sliding glass door in our bedroom.

And to save the best for last for this post, Chris and I are about to embark on a 5 week trip to Europe. Our initial itinerary consisted of a whirlwind tour of Greece and the Aegean Coast of Turkey up to Istanbul. However, because Barra needs Chris in Budapest, we are incorporating a week and a half there before we head out to Athens. That being said, the planning of this trip has pretty much commandeered most of my time.

So, with that, I’ll get back to the travel planning and stay tuned for shennanigans!

Happy Cousins Day, everyone!

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